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Roberto's Jalapeño & Olive Oil Sauce (8 Fl. Oz.)

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A delicious 8 ounce jar of Roberto’s Jalapeño and Olive Oil Hot Sauce

Roberto’s Jalapeño & Olive Oil Hot Sauce has a creamy texture and contains no dairy products.

It compliments a wide range of foods, Mexican foods, Asian and our traditional American foods. It can be used as an ingredient to dips, salad dressing, soups and favorite marinades to use with your chicken, beef, pork and seafoods.  Serve it with your favorite chips and vegetables.   One word of caution, once you taste our Roberto’s Jalapeño & Olive Oil Hot Sauce you will be hooked on the delicious creamy texture and taste.  “Liven all your meals with just a bit of our delicious and unique jalapeño sauce!”

● Made with Heart-Healthy Olive Oil
● No MSG’s
● Gluten Free
● Creamy Texture – Non Dairy


● Jalapeños
● Olive Oil
● Onions
● Garlic
● Spices